Tuesday, 23 June 2009

23 signatures on Early Day Motion in Houses of Parliament

EDM 1685
Corbyn, Jeremy 23 signatures

Abbott, Diane
Anderson, David
Caton, Martin

Clapham, Michael
Clark, Katy
Cryer, Ann

Davies, Dai
Dismore, Andrew
Dobbin, Jim

Drew, David
Durkan, Mark
Galloway, George

George, Andrew [R]
Gerrard, Neil
Hancock, Mike

Hopkins, Kelvin
Jones, Lynne
McDonnell, John

Riordan, Linda
Taylor, David
Vis, Rudi

Wareing, Robert N
That this House supports the campaign, led by mainly migrant cleaners and supported by the University and College Union, Unison and the National Union of Students branches, fighting for the improved pay and conditions of School of Oriental and African Studies workers and against the victimisation of the Unison branch chair, Jose Bermudez Stalin, who was sacked earlier this year; notes with concern that after winning union recognition for cleaners working for the cleaning company ISS and on the same day as a protest calling for the reinstatement of Jose Bermudez Stalin on 12 June 2009, nine cleaners, one of whom is reported to be over six months pregnant, were taken away during a sudden immigration raid at the university; is extremely alarmed at reports that five of the nine individuals have already been deported and seeks urgent clarification of the wellbeing of all of the nine cleaners; condemns the practice of using immigration status as a means of attacking workers fighting for their rights and breaking union organisation; and reaffirms the principle of the right of all workers to a living wage and to be active within a free and independent trade union.

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