Sunday, 14 June 2009

Great comments from online petition

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Capital is allowed to flow freely in and out of the country, so should labour, are we not meant to be living in a 'free market' economy? This is indicative of the current trend towards racism displayed by the establishment under the banner of 'immigration controls'. Let them stay and work.

Great timing, on the first day of Refugee Week.
SOAS and ISS, you disgust me. Your have failed in your duty as an employer to carry out adequate checks on your staff proir to taking them on and have used this as a convenient excuse to take revenge on your employees for winning the London Living Wage campaign and for their support for their wrongfully dismissed UNISON branch chairman.
As a SOAS student, I no longer welcome ISS's presence on my campus.

I am ashamed of soas as an institution. I am particularly disgusted by the way in management informed us that there was nothing to worry about as they would replace those who had been deported. What an insult! To be placed on the same moral level as soas management. we should remember that the way the state treats migrant workers tells us something about the way they would like to treat the rest of us. And the same goes for SOAS management. Contemptible.

Cowardly Iss have colluded with cowardly SOAS Management to criminalise those who deserve the respect that comes to great adventurers and fighters for justice. Just as Nelson Mandela was once incarcerated and later released to become first statesman, so the SOAS cleaners will be released and recognised as victims of anti-Trade Unionists and despots. Viva the SOAS cleaners!!!

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