Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Hi there,

Below is the email I sent yesterday to SOAS. We’ve also emailed the UK border agency complaining that there statement on the BBC website is utter nonsense

Good luck with it. I’ve asked the regional UNISON HE chair to circulate it as well but am waiting for them to come back to me at the moment

All the Best

Dear Paul,

I’m writing to express my disgust on behalf of UNISON members at the University of Birmingham at the treatment of your cleaning staff at SOAS both by yourselves and what appears to be collaboration with immigration authorities in this country. Your actions have not only wrecked the lives of their families but placed the lives of the deported members of staff in grave danger. Not since the Tolpuddle martyrs have trade unionists been deported for being a member of a union. On behalf of Birmingham University UNISON I will be raising this with MP’s, ministers, and the press.

I would therefore urge you to:

  • Stop immigration services accessing SOAS buildings
  • Apologise to cleaners and there families
  • Call for the immediate release of detainees still in the UK

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  1. Thank you to the University of Birmingham Unison for support us . The SOAS Cleaners