Saturday, 20 June 2009

Live blogging from CAIC mtg-how do we end immigration controls?

Introductions. People from a variety of groups.

Rise of BNP
Checks and raids at workplaces
migrant struggles
SOAS raid

Going to use 'consensus' decision making process

1st speaker:

people tend to make scape goats in times like this (economic, political termoil)
BNP hard line nazi's elected but also UKIP.
BJBW slogans
within 5 mins of 1st fascist getting elected, a Labour minister said we need to listen to the electorates voices and their concerns with immigration so we should anticipate a rise in attacks from both the fascists and the government

1st contribution-multinational corporations, destroy our economy, our habitat.
The real enemy is the bosses. MW dont have same rights so how to fight back?

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