Monday, 15 June 2009

Message of support from John Mcdonnell MP

“I seek urgent clarification at the well-being of all the individuals who were taken away on 12th June 2009 and am appalled at reports than one of these individuals was over six months pregnant. This is no way to treat human beings in a civilized society.

It is a disgrace that migrant workers are able to work in this country for years on poverty wages but as soon as they begin organising for their rights they face this brutal treatment. The events at SOAS over the last few days completely expose the hypocrisy at the heart of this country’s immigration laws and is another unfortunate example of employers using immigration status as a mean of attacking workers fighting for their rights and breaking union organising.

I wholeheartedly support the SOAS London Living Wage that unites workers and students of all backgrounds. We need to send a clear message out to employers that the labour movement stands in solidarity with all workers whatever their nationality.

I will be tabling an EDM later today.”


  1. Just to add my voice to the protests at the police/ISS/SOAS's handling of the contract staff at SOAS. The action was unnecessary, heavy handed and as you say aimed at sending a message to unionised groups.


    Falmer Branch secretary UCU
    University of Brighton

  2. Dear SOAS cleaners,
    I would like you to know that I am in full support of you, and can assure you that many others are as well. I am a student at King's College in London and I think that it is scandolous that universities are staffed by people with low wages and few rights. We will be with you in your struggle for justice.

    In solidarity,
    Louis Bayman

  3. Congratulations on your decisive action in support of your colleague cleaners and against the appalling actions of the college and state authorities.

    No worker should be declared illegal.

    Good luck with your occupation.

    Mick duncan, senior organiser, unite the union

    Ps - sorry for taking so long to email you

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