Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Our revised demands as of 10.30pm last night

Advice needed

Our revised list of demands (unfortunately our computer had a trojan horse which meant we lost the document that we had worked hard on to word water tight so had to re-write it again late last night. We hope the school take it on face value based on the general gist and dont conitune to provaricate over the odd incorrectly worded statement.)

This morning the school responded by saying no to all of them except number

To the SOAS Directorate

SOAS students campaigning in protest against the recent, violent immigration raid that took place on SOAS premises on the morning of 12th June 2009 have occupied the rooms of the SOAS directorate to underscore the seriousness of the matter at hand. The occupying students agree to leave the premises should the below demands be met by the SOAS directorate. We understand that informally the directorship has already agreed to most of these demands pending certain conditions, which have been included in this document.

1. We call on the directorate to request the home secretary to immediately grant exceptional leave to remain to those cleaners who want it, including those detained and those already deported. We demand that in this regard a letter is to be received by the home secretary’s office by midday 17th June 2009. (Answer: Yes but only as soon as is practical ie once the directorate office is vacated-this iis outrageous. They should have done this ANYWAY)

2. We demand that the directorate publish a formal public statement apologising for their role in facilitating the immigration raid and for not informing the relevant unions (UNISON/UCU/SOAS Student Union). This should be published by midday 17th June 2009.
(Answer: NO-illegal)

3. We want an assurance from the directorate that from today, it will not to invite or negotiate in advance entry for immigration officers. We further demand that should SOAS directorate receive notification that an immigration raid is imminent, the directorate should inform the relevant unions (UNISON/UCU/SOAS student union) and discuss with them in regards to the legal issues surrounding the facilitation of immigration raids on SOAS premises. This point should become a part of general SOAS policy. (Answer: NO-illegal)

4. We request that an agenda item be tabled at the next scheduled board of governers meeting to discuss whether all contracted staff should be brought in-house, as a result of the recent news regarding the actions of ISS. We demand that Proffesor Paul Webley, the director of SOAS, should propose and support the view that all SOAS contracted staff should be brought in-house.
(Yes but only cleaning staff)

5. We request an amnesty for all those involved in the occupation of the rooms of the SOAS directorate. (Yes but only if 1) no damage 2) nothing has been read or removed)

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