Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Negotiations with SOAS Director have resumed. Threat of eviction lifted for now. Rally at SOAS steps at 4:30pm

Negotiations with the Director Paul Webley have resumed - whilst negotiations are taking place bailiffs will not be sent in to evict us.

Meet for the planned Demonstration today at 4:30pm at SOAS steps.


  1. Looks like the idea of a publically embarassing scuffle between police and occupiers on the doors of the uni made them reconsider their original intentions to force you out. Direct action gets the goods - keep fighting the good fight, and though I'm not there to share the burden of such resistance, I implore you to stand up against further vicious threats in the future, and don't back down!

  2. Being back in Italy in this crucial moment makes me feel sad, I really wish I could be there with you guys to fight for this cause which is probably one of the most important with which we'll ever be confronted, as part of the Soas community. However, being here is giving me the opportunity to spread as widely as possible the news about what's happening at Soas, about our fight and about the sad reality of the shameful policies that are being put into place in the UK - and not only in the UK! - against migrant workers and trade unions. And everyone I talk to here is absolutely amazed at the strenght of your networks of solidarity and fight, at the fact that you are still able to stand up for what is right despite the rest of the world seems to be going in the opposite direction, as the sad outcome of the European elections shows us. In Italy, where the immigration policies of the xenophobic Berlusconi government are more horrible than ever, the example of a community in which workers and students are still able to stand side by side to resist injustice and to reaffirm those principles that refuse the divisions that borders and immigration laws impose on us, appears as incredibly inspirational, an example for the whole left, and for all the people who still care but that have apparently forgotten how to fight. I'm so proud of what you're doing, and I encourage you to keep up the resistance.
    In solidarity,