Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Rally Wednesday 12pm outside SOAS

Sign the e-petition HERE

Thousands more on paper petitions support this campaign and action.

Spirits are high and we are aware that this is a good start for a campaign that can achieve so much.

We have been up all night working on our demands so that they achieve what we all set out to do for the campaign.

We have had an excellent evening and has shown us what can be done when we all fight together.

Join occupiers, staff and others for a rally to show SOAS management that the fight for justice for the SOAS 9 continues! Demonstrate the campaign is growing and we won't give up till management meet our demands!

URGENT CALL OUT for people to contact Home Office calling for exceptional leave to remain for all the SOAS 9 who want it - model letter COMING SOON - check back here!

Slavoj Zizek and others available to speak.


SOAS Steps

Bring banners and people and musical instrument.

Tomorrow is the last day of term. Wouldn't it be great to end the year with a clear demonstration that this fight is growing and will continue?

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