Friday, 26 June 2009

SOAS Occupiers host EXCLUSIVE lunchtime filmshowing & food at Marxism

UPDATE: we have just been offered to launch the fully edited film covering the whole occupation courtesy of Reel News who followed us round all day and night!

Thanks Reel News-what great timing.

Please join the Facebook group if you are coming so we know how much food to prepare.

If you not on facebook, leave your name and number of people below in the comments.

Saturday, 4th July. 1-2pm on SOAS grass.

Please join us for an outdoor filmshowing of a number of our videos and photos's. Followed by discussion, Q&A's and Equadorian food.


On 12th June cleaners at Soas were rounded up by immigration officials at an early morning meeting.

9 people were detained consequently 5 have been deported, one was over 6 months pregnant and one has had a heart attack and received absolutely no medical assistance not even water.

SOAS students, staff and supporters occupied the Directors offices from 10am.

We filmed the whole thing. We want you to show you what we did and will answer questions and discuss where next for the campaign.

Start up your own campaign. If this can happen at SOAS of all places it can happen anywhere. This needs to be stopped. Our fellow workmates should not be living in a state of fear.


Including food and discussion.

PLEASE RSVP so we know how much food to prepare.

If it is raining we will transfer to our common room.

This is a truly SOAS affair-we hope you join us.


  1. I would like to view the film and reserve a few places. My name is Justin Constantinou, I will possibly bring another persn along with me.

  2. Thanks Justin. See you two there then. :-)

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